Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Comparison: How to successfully grow your storefront?

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Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Comparison: How to successfully grow your storefront?

Does your organization want to partner with the right enterprise ecommerce platform?

Since more retail sector is selling products virtually, emerging in ecommerce market has never been meaningful than now. Being an ecommerce company, you can find great help from number of enterprise ecommerce software out there. Market has many solutions, main decision lies on what your business wants. It could be Shopify, or BigCommerce or Magento. Well, to make it easier here we will present an overview of main attractions of Shopify plus and Magento Enterprise:

Magento as an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

Being a pioneer in ecommerce industry, Magento is known as one of the best ecommerce platforms out there. Apart from its robust features list, it equips your store with great flexibility. One thing that beginners might not like about Magento is its complexity and a rich development domain. To handle such environment, you might need some technical skills; else it will be an uphill battle.

Magento offers pre-built templates and robust design tools. Their templates also come with decent opportunity to customize.

Shopify Plus as an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

If you want a less-complicated ecommerce site, Shopify plus is for you. This quality enterprise ecommerce solution is built to cater audience who wants a powerful ecommerce software with minimal technical knowledge. The language Shopify uses to communicate with its users is simplified and smooth. Further, it requires user to pay a flat $2,000 per month fee. Many retailers praise Shopify because of its less complexity together with reduced maintenance overhead.

Shopify Plus VS. Magento Enterprise

Simply, Shopify plus works best for micro merchants and mid-size retailers. Not only Shopify carries their brand reputation very well, but also ease their technical environment. On the contrast, Magento is ideal for ecommerce companies that wants to deal with sophisticated tools in hand and owns knowledgeable staff needed to handle technical complexity.

When it comes to launching a powerful and unique site, both platforms are highly capable. It’s just that Magento tends to offer richer functionality than compared to Shopify’s intuitive and easy-to-use features.


In the end, those who wish to customize their storefront at its fingertips should opt for Magento. Those who might want a simpler streamlined experience can benefit from Shopify plus. Compare Shopify vs. Magento and make a wise decision about enterprise ecommerce platform.

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