Comparing the Two Leading Ecommerce Platforms

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Comparing the Two Leading Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing the correct ecommerce platform for your business is a very important, yet hard decision. You basically need a platform that will evolve along with the growth of your business. Before you start your search, you need to know your own business well. You need to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your business and then go further.

The two leading ecommerce platforms that we will compare in this article are: Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise.

If we compare the two basic difference:

Magento Enterprise is an open-source software that is free whereas, Shopify Plus is a product that is commercial and for which you need to pay a subscription fee.

Secondly, the process to set-up and create your Shopify account is quite simple and quick. However, with Magento requires you to set your hosting and invest your time in the process of installation, configuration and setup. Most importantly, this requires you to be aware of different programming languages and skills.

You need to be aware of the expertise that your business has. If you don’t have programmers and professionals in your company than Shopify will be the best option for you.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus provides you with 24/7 assistance through call, email and live chat session. You can talk to them in case of any query.

They also offer 100+ themes (unpaid, paid) which you can choose as per the need of your business. However, with Magento, you can control customization and designing of your page. But that requires some professional expertise as well. The Advanced Shopify package is the best for small businesses and startups.

Shopify provides its services to more than 600,000 customers and is known for its simplicity and easy use. Most people are switching from Magento to Shopify Plus due to this reason only. Furthermore, you can integrate your Shopify store with Facebook as well.

Magento offers double the amount of apps and add-ons than Shopify Plus. A good thing about Shopify is that it has a POS app which can function on any device. Magento also provides POS options.

If we compare the investment of time, Shopify is by far the fastest. You can setup your Shopify store in a few clicks.

Therefore, Shopify is considered a go-to option by many companies that are looking for a simple ecommerce solution provider for their business. Companies that consist of professional and experts go for Magento.

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