Compare Shopify VS Magento and Pick the Right Ecommerce Platform!

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Compare Shopify VS Magento and Pick the Right Ecommerce Platform!

With a boom in digital world, ecommerce market is gaining popularity which triggers various Ecommerce platforms. With more availability of shopping cart software, it becomes harder for people to choose the right solution for their business. Now, there are 12 major Ecommerce platforms that deserve entrepreneur’s attention.

However, two of them, Shopify and Magento are frequently used and are declared to be better than rest. This is because they meet the diverse needs of wide range of small, to mid-size, and to larger businesses. Both of them come with a plan specially made for businesses in enterprise category. Shopify plus and Magento Enterprise are their respective enterprise-level solutions. Let’s compare Shopify VS Magento using criteria that impacts your business.


Since everyone wants to do business with fewer complications, choosing a platform that’s easy-to-use and easy to learn is crucial. While managing Shopify store is about as easy as it gets, Magento Enterprise just recently upgraded in its ease-of-use to give its customers the same feel and look they have been seeking from Shopify platform from years.

Customer-group segmentation

Ecommerce is also about how you market your products. As opposed to retailers, segmented catalogs can be more beneficial to high value customers, and can be used for special affiliate relationship.

In case of Magento, customer-group feature offerings are quite competitive. When it comes to customer-group based content, Shopify is failed to match Magento Enterprise at most programs. In fact, you can go beyond via Magento’s multiple site capabilities which enable limitless segmentation.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When we compare Shopify vs Magento, Shopify’s theme store offers a lot more than Magento. Whether you want to open an electronic store, the one that focus on fashion, or to home goods, Shopify can support your business. In addition to it, Shopify also features modern and great looking themes. However, you tend to lose all these benefits as soon you scale your business. Also, you might need to pay for more paid apps regardless of nature of business you do. Eventually, that means increased total cost of ownership.

Big factors that determine TCO are costs that are required to maintain hosting speed, security, and uptime which Shopify bills on its own. On other hand, you depend on third party for hosting maintenance when you choose Magento Enterprise. This means you will be paying additional charges. Hence, going enterprise class takes you to pay more regardless of what platform you choose.


Both platforms offer great advantage. Based on your specific preferences, you may find which to choose and which one to avoid.

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